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Menopause Revolution Is Coming. We're on It.

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menopause is a prolonged life-damaging experience, it is under-treated, under-served, and this is an inefficient market.

The path to Menopause Resolution must align medical, financial, social, and personal aspects. 

All aspects are in Menopause Spotlights - bite-size global news.

Menopause is a Big Deal

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sheKnows transforms the menopausal complexity into clear solutions.


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It's time to make this world 
supportive and much more effective
when it comes to women's health.

We're on it.

Dalya Gartzman  Co-Founder & CEO
Adi Saraga Kenn  Co-Founder & CPO

Dalya Gartzman

Co-Founder & CEO

Adi Saraga Kenn

Co-Founder & CPO

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Gideon Kopernik

Dr. Gideon Kopernik, MD
Medical Advisory Board

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Dalya has a diverse tech background - MSc. in Mathematics, thesis in computational biology, and a vast experience developing Artificial Intelligence algorithms in startups of various sizes. She is a leading tech figure in Israel, public speaker, blogger, meetups organizer, mentor and podcaster. sheKnows is where Dalya combines her two greatest passions - technology and feminism.

Adi is a seasoned entrepreneur, specializing in building networks. She is a product visionary and is experienced in developing innovative methodologies, leading productization processes and marketing strategy. She holds an LL.B and MBA. Adi sees sheKnows as her greatest opportunity to make all the connections needed for improving women's health.

Gideon, a top-tier OB-GYN, has been helping women successfully navigate their menopausal transition for more than 20 years. He is a book author, educator, former hospital executive, VP of Israel Medical Menopause Society, and a menopause missionary. Gideon joined sheKnows because he believes that technology could make a global impact on women's health.

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